20 minutes Serves 4



​Caprese Salad

  • 225g of cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 200g of heritage  vine tomatoes, quartered

  • 150g of plum tomatoes, dark green variety, sliced

  • 1 handful of basil leaves, torn, plus extra to garnish

  • 100g of sourdough croutons

  • 1 buffalo mozzarella, approximately 250g, torn


  • 1 garlic clove, crushed

  • 2 anchovies, finely chopped

  • 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

  • 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar 

  • lemon juice, a few drops

  • sea salt

  • freshly ground black pepper



  1. To begin, make the dressing. Mix the garlic and anchovies in a bowl until well combined. Add the remaining ingredients for the dressing. Mix well

  2. Place all of the salad ingredients (except the mozzarella) in a large bowl, pour in half of the dressing and toss well

  3. Divide the salad between plates and top with the torn mozzarella, the remaining dressing and some extra basil leaves. 

TIP: To make the dressing vegetarian you can substitute anchovies with capers.